Bussin Booty Box

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My Bussin Booty Box

is the KEY to an elevated, "shelf" booty,

a filler of “hip dips”, and the

SOURCE to a smaller, snatched waist!

Contents in my Bussin Booty Box can be used anywhere, which makes this system a FIX to gym-timidation, busy scheduling, and minimal exercise gear!

With the holidays coming up, My Bussin Booty Box is a gift WORTH giving!

Box includes:

  • 5 resistance bands- xtra light, light, medium, heavy, xtra heavy. Pair with my VIP Access videos, my bands will have your hips fuller, legs toned and full, booty like POW! My bands keep their stretch and don’t overstretch into thinness.
  • Waist Wrap- My Titan Waisted Wrap contours around your bottom, middle, and upper stomach to give your a contoured waist. When worn under clothing, it’s not even noticeable and when worn while working out, you get more activation in your abs (causing faster fat lose around your abdomen), and when worn as a fashion piece, a two-piece will set off your contoured waist with the wraps as an alluring asset.
  •  Measuring tape- Make sure you continue to measure your waist and hips to see your progress in teal time!
  • Abs Ball- An abs ball will put the fun into your abs and booty growth exercises. Paired with my Waisted Wrap and VIP videos, you’ll never look at a ball the same!
  • 3-day Detox Pills- My 3-day açaí berry pills will gently cleanse the built-up “slug” inside of your intestines. YOU MUST DETOX in order to feel and see the change happening around your waist. My clients have RAVED about my pills as they alleviated their bloated stomach and made them feel light and less weighed down around their mid sections. 


Bussin Booty Box
Bussin Booty Box
Bussin Booty Box

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